Getting in a Twist

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Everyone is looking for a solution to line storage. Some like spools that slip over the end of the rod. Some like Easy Keepers even though they put a kink in the line and occasionally ping open. (...)

Strooan Triple Zoom

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I started Esoteric Tackle back in 2010 making strike indicators for Czech nymphing. I still make them. I came across Tenkara and thought it sounded like a fabulous (...)

Azayaka is this the future?

9/18/2015 | Comments: 1 | Categories:

It's been no secret that the original Sunline Shooter FC SNIPER BMS was one of my favourite lines. Not too bright that it scared fish when it went over their heads but with it (...)


New Tenkara Flies Available!

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New Tenkara flies are available at Esoteric Tackle.

Esoteric Tackle Tenkara Flies

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