Golden Druidale

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In Standford's map of the Isle of Man, 1861, what is now called Druidale is named "Glen Reast" ("Desert Glen") and the steam was the Awin Rheast. Before that it was Eairy Horkell, "Corkill's (...)


Return to the Mines!

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The Glen Maye River in it's higher reaches flows through Glen Rushen and the old mine working area. This has to be one of the best Tenkara waters on the Island. Unfortunately Rushen Road is not (...)


Above the Colby Glen

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I'm blaming John for this one as well. I fished Colby Glen with Tenkara a while back. It was successful and fun. John Collister in his phone called asked if I'd fished above the Glen. No, I hadn't (...)


Chasing Waterfalls

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I had a phone call from John Collister telling me how much he enjoyed reading my blogs at He went on to tell me about He went on (...)

New Season, New Water

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Since the end of last season I've been very fortunate to buy some land with a glen and a small trout stream. It's quite rough and overgrown but I had seen a few fish in the stream before I decided (...)